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Cyber Safety

Equitrans Midstream leverages emerging technologies to sustainably maintain, build, and deliver intended business outcomes. Through the use of various data and information systems, we are able to improve and expedite our decision making; manage and mitigate our tiered risks; ensure compliance; and advance our automated internal and external processes. As a core component of our digital transformation, our cybersecurity is designed to: a) establish situational awareness of evolving threats and vulnerabilities to our technology presence; b) proactively detect and respond to cyber-attacks; and c) leverage technology to achieve business objectives.

Equitrans Midstream’s cyber philosophy begins, but does not end, with compliance. We build our capabilities based on relevant industry standards and continually review our progress to effectively enhance our cyber security capabilities. Because a cyber incident could have a significant impact on business continuity, customer relationships, and brand reputation – cyber risk is considered a Tier 1 Enterprise Risk; therefore, Equitrans’ cyber security program is reviewed and monitored by executive management, with oversight by the Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Environmental Committee of our Board of Directors. Our full Board of Directors also receives periodic updates on cyber-risk management throughout the year.

In addition to prevention, detection, and response capabilities, we prioritize workforce training and awareness, which includes Equitrans’ employees and partners participating in annual cybersecurity training. Employees must adhere to Equitrans’ IT Policies and Procedures, which are available on the Company’s intranet. Separately, Equitrans also developed Technology Requirements specific to suppliers and contractors.