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Economic Impact

At Equitrans, we closely track our economic impact to improve our understanding of the benefit we bring to our stakeholders and our communities. We seek ways to expand these benefits and better communicate them to both our shareholders and local communities, as well as other interested stakeholders. The primary way we accomplish this objective is through the production and review of our annual economic impact analysis. The analysis illustrates the economic benefits of our operations and investments for both Equitrans and the broader local, state, and national economies. Reviewing and acting on the analysis enables us to increase and broaden our impact.

*Equitrans had 770 total employees at the end of 2018; however, throughout the whole of 2018, ETRN had a total of 927 employees, which included terminated employees; and/or employees who worked for the midstream business unit but were transferred to the upstream business unit during the year; and/or paid interns. The IMPLAN model defines employment as including full- and part-time employees at equal weights; therefore, the economic analysis reflects direct employment of 927 and results include the compensation paid to 927 employees.

**Includes 45.7% of rights-of-way payments related to MVP, which is equivalent to EQM’s ownership interest in Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC.

State & Local Taxes Supported

Our business generated millions in state and local tax revenues in 2019, excluding taxes related to the MVP project. These generated revenues support state and local governments and public resource enhancing operations, such as road construction and maintenance, and school funding. The table below represents the state and local tax revenues generated by Equitrans in 2019.