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Engineering and Construction Guidelines

Working In or Near Equitrans Midstream Pipelines and Rights-of-Way
Equitrans Midstream Corporation’s Engineering and Construction Guidelines contain information regarding restrictions within its pipeline rights-of-way, as well as information for land development work or improvements in and around its pipelines and pipeline rights-of-way.

For safety purposes, all projects, both small and large, including any planned activities within an Equitrans Midstream pipeline right-of-way or adjacent to the Company’s pipelines, require a formal review by and written approval from Equitrans. In addition, an Equitrans representative must be present during any such work.

Please contact Equitrans Midstream early in the planning process to review your project plans. This step is necessary in order to eliminate any conflicts or issues and to determine what work or placement requirements, if any, may be required for your project work to commence near or across the Company’s pipelines. Proper planning and communication will help to ensure the safety and integrity of the Company’s pipeline system, the safety of the communities in which Equitrans operates, and protection of the environment.

Equitrans welcomes your questions to encroachment@equitransmidstream.com.