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In April 2019, EQM Midstream Partners completed the acquisition of a 60% interest in Eureka Midstream Holdings, LLC and a 100% interest in Hornet Midstream Holdings, LLC. Eureka Midstream is a 190-mile gathering header pipeline system in Ohio and West Virginia that services both dry Utica and wet Marcellus production. Hornet Midstream is a 15-mile, high-pressure gathering system in West Virginia that connects to the Eureka system.

At year-end 2019, Equitrans Midstream’s gathering system, inclusive of Eureka Midstream assets, included approximately 990 miles of high-pressure gathering lines and 130 compressor units with compression of approximately 445,000 horsepower and multiple interconnect points with the Company’s transmission and storage system and to other interstate pipelines. The gathering system also included approximately 920 miles of FERC-regulated, low-pressure gathering lines.

Equitrans provides gathering services in two manners: firm service and interruptible service. At year-end 2019, the gathering system had total contracted firm reservation capacity (including contracted minimum volume commitments) of approximately 4.4 Bcf per day, which included contracted firm reservation capacity of approximately 1.0 Bcf per day associated with its high-pressure header pipelines.

Interruptible service contracts include volumetric-based fees, which are charges for the volume of natural gas gathered and generally do not guarantee access to the pipeline. These contracts can be short- or long-term. On Equitrans’ low-pressure, FERC-regulated gathering system, the typical gathering agreement provides interruptible service and has a one-year term with month-to-month rollover provisions terminable upon at least 30 days’ notice. The Company generally does not take title to the natural gas transported or stored for its customers.

Inclusive of acreage dedications to Eureka Midstream, at year-end 2019, Equitrans had gathering acreage dedications for the gathering of all natural gas produced from wells under an area covering: a) approximately 244,000 gross acres in Pennsylvania, based on agreements with certain affiliates of EQT and other third parties; b) approximately 344,000 gross acres in Ohio, based on agreements with certain affiliates of EQT and other third parties; and c) approximately 50,000 gross acres in West Virginia.

Gathering also includes Equitrans Midstream’s investment in various gather expansion projects, including the Hammerhead project. See our Projects page for more information.