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Products and Services

Permanent Pipeline InfrastructureDesign, Build, Own, & Operate

  • Equitrans has a full spectrum of engineering, construction, permitting professionals that support water and gas pipeline infrastructure internally. The systems we build are designed internally for optimal performance, longevity, and safety.

Expedient, above-ground temporary waterline installation for support

  • While Equitrans is focused on expanding the permanent water infrastructure, we frequently utilize industry leading temporary waterline solutions when necessary. We understand that every project will need multiple approaches to provide the optimal service to the customer.

Dedicated operations staff

  • Equitrans is proud to have its own internal operations staff that will keep water flowing to your destination, year around, even in the next Polar Vortex.

Water Sourcing

  • While we have access to multiple sources, we are eager to find new sources for greenfield projects in your operating area.

Water Storage

  • With over 28 impoundments, Equitrans is able to store water in its existing system. Storage in system expansion or new systems can be designed & engineered for your specific needs and capacity.

Full Water Program Management

  • Dedicate your total development plan’s water needs to Equitrans for turn key water delivery to impoundment or pad.

Industrial, and Other Unconventional Water Partnerships

  • We are always looking for new opportunities to help customers achieve cost efficient water transfer in our operating area. Please contact us to evaluate opportunities

Water measurement (SCADA)

  • Equitrans has a host of wireless and automated measurement solutions for water line volume measurement for accurate and reliable measurement