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Sustainability Framework

We believe our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management practices drive both financial and intrinsic value for our company today and in the future – and building trust and demonstrating transparency are central to our approach. The evolving circumstances of our global society highlight the importance of stakeholder trust in businesses and the role that transparency plays in establishing and maintaining our strong relationships.

As our Core Values define who we are as a company, our corporate sustainability framework incorporates these values into its five pillars to define our approach to sustainability. The five pillars are designed to enable Equitrans to deliver long-term, sustainable value to all of our stakeholders.

Five Pillars of Sustainability

Safety Leadership
First and foremost of our corporate sustainability pillars, Safety Leadership is always our top priority—above all else. For Equitrans, the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, and community members takes precedence and we believe that the execution of our business strategy is not successful unless Zero is Possible. We staunchly believe that workplace injuries are preventable. Everyone at Equitrans has a collective responsibility to exhibit safety leadership to realize success and, most importantly, create a workplace where Zero is Possible. 

Environmental Stewardship
The conservation of the natural environments in which we operate is incredibly important to Equitrans. We strive to meet or exceed both expectations and regulatory requirements. To accomplish this, we work to continuously improve through various initiatives and the incorporation of sustainable practices such as utilizing innovative technologies to enhance our emissions reduction program and optimizing our natural resource use.

Corporate Governance
Our commitment to upholding transparent corporate governance principles bolsters our stakeholders’ confidence and trust in Equitrans. This commitment is shared by our highest governance body, the Board of Directors of Equitrans, which is responsible for overseeing the management of our business activities and affairs. The Board’s Health, Safety, Security and Environmental committee provides oversight in respect of our sustainability initiatives.

Economic Impact
Equitrans delivers clean, affordable domestic energy; supports economic development in local communities; creates job opportunities; and generates tax revenue to support state and local governments, all of which positively contribute to the U.S. economy and local economies. We engage with the communities we operate in to understand the issues they face, develop solutions that support them, and pursue new opportunities to contribute to economic growth.

Stakeholder Engagement
Our stakeholders provide respected insight into the operations of our business. We believe that sustaining an open, transparent, and honest dialogue with our diverse group of stakeholders enables Equitrans to better identify process gaps and implement strategies to swiftly address matters of concern.