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At Equitrans Midstream, the core of our business operations lies in transporting clean-burning natural gas to serve our nation’s growing demand for a reliable source of energy. This requires Equitrans to plan, build, and maintain our network of underground pipelines in compliance with environmental regulations and the best practices of environmental stewardship. This is the foundation of our “license to operate” and it applies to every acre of land, every community, and every region where we have operations. More importantly, we acknowledge that our license to operate is not a right – it is a privilege that we must earn every day if we are to achieve sustainable operations.

Sustainable development requires that we minimize the environmental impact of our operations and implement continuous improvement of best practices in all areas of water management, air emissions, natural resources, and spill prevention and response, as well as biodiversity considerations.

We recognize that our business has an impact on the world around us. Therefore, we acknowledge it is our responsibility to manage the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that matter most – and through our continued commitment to sustainability we are able to minimize our impacts on society and the environment, while also creating long-term value for our stakeholders. At Equitrans Midstream, “sustainability” is a multi-faceted term that signifies our commitment to safe, responsible operations and to environmental stewardship in the communities where we operate. It is our pledge that we will conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, respecting our employees, our communities, our business partners, and all stakeholders.

With a critical focus on environmental protection, Equitrans is implementing best practices throughout our business and across our operations. We have a formal Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy and have developed an “NOV Tracker” that summarizes our environmental compliance performance. Equitrans believes it is equally important to be transparent when we do not live up to our expectations; and through routine disclosure, our NOV Tracker will allow us to be measured not just by the words we use, but by the actions we take.

Equitrans Midstream has built a strong record in these areas and we will continue to communicate and report on our past actions, current progress, and path forward as our sustainable journey moves forward.