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Pipeline Safety

At Equitrans Midstream, we are dedicated to personal and operational safety and committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees. We prioritize a culture of safety by recognizing excellence in safety performance while vigorously addressing opportunities for improvement. In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable laws and regulations, the Company has developed detailed procedures for the safe use of Company equipment and provides extensive training to employees and contractors regarding best practices to ensure that their work environment remains safe for themselves, their co-workers, and the community.

Working Near Pipelines — Damage Prevention
One of the greatest single challenges to safe pipeline operations is associated with accidental damage caused by excavation, directional drilling, construction, farming activities or even homeowners digging in their yards. If you are a homeowner, farmer, excavator, or developer, Equitrans Midstream Corporation wants to help you prevent pipeline emergencies that are caused by accidental damage to the pipeline system.

As part of our commitment to local communities, Equitrans has dedicated resources to develop and implement damage prevention initiatives focused on maintaining the integrity of its pipelines and the safety of individuals working in proximity to the Company’s pipelines and facilities. Additionally, please review the following safety information related to the requirements for safely working in proximity to the Company’s pipelines and facilities.

Call Before You Dig!
Required by law in all States.

811 is the national Call Before You Dig number. By dialing this number, you are connected directly to your State’s One Call Center where you will report your planned digging or excavation project. The One Call Center will broadcast your information to operators of all underground utilities in the area; and they will, in turn, mark the locations of their pipeline facilities and, if required, assist in ensuring that those facilities are not damaged during your excavation or digging project.

Third-Party Contractors or Larger Excavation and Development Work
Please call Equitrans Midstream’s owner relations team directly at: 888-613-7848 (toll-free) or (724) 993-7941
Email information to: OwnerRelations@EquitransMidstream.com

Through knowledge and education, we can work together to ensure that everyone stays safe when working within the proximity of underground utilities. Advanced preparation, communication, and placing a call to 811 can help prevent emergency situations. Let’s keep everyone safe, Call Before You Dig!