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At Equitrans Midstream, our business is the transportation of clean-burning natural gas that serves as a reliable source of energy to support our nation’s growing demand. In doing so, we rely on a diverse workforce of employees and contractors as the “social engine” of our operations, but our social footprint does not stop there. Our facilities are located in various local and regional communities across asset footprint, which requires an enhanced focus on stakeholder engagement to address the concerns and impacts of our operations. In order to operate as a sustainable Company, it is critical that we maintain our social license to operate by integrating the social impacts of our business – including to our workforce and our external stakeholders.

As outlined in our Culture Narrative, we believe in creating sustainability from the inside out. Equitrans is committed to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace – one that engages employees in a manner that supports our business objectives and sustainability goals, as well as their individual development. As we evolve, so too will our employees, and we will continue to provide opportunities for them to develop, grow, and achieve their goals.

Additionally, we have adopted a formal Stakeholder Engagement and Community Investment Policy which captures our efforts to build collaboration and trust with our communities and other key stakeholders. We believe that by taking a proactive stance regarding stakeholder engagement and community investment, we are better able to enhance and/or build thriving communities, while also achieving our other overarching business goals.

Equitrans Midstream has built a strong record in these areas and we will continue to communicate our past actions, current progress, and path forward as our sustainable journey moves forward.