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Equitrans Midstream Corporation’s Water Services group supports a full cycle of water transportation and storage services for natural gas development activities in the Appalachian Basin. Equitrans’ Water Services group owns and operates a unique and robust system that, as of year-end 2022, included approximately 201 miles of pipeline and 21 fresh water impoundment facilities, which are concentrated in southwestern PA and southeastern OH. The water is withdrawn from the Monongahela River, Ohio River, local reservoirs, regional waterways, and municipal sources.

Appalachian Mixed Water Hub
The Appalachian Mixed Water Hub was originally constructed in Greene County, Pennsylvania and is expanding into Marshall and Monongalia counties in West Virginia. This system is designed to gather, transport, and store produced recycled water via approximately 70 miles of buried water pipeline, two above ground produced water storage facilities, multiple fresh water sources, and existing and planned interconnects with EQT, CNX PA and CNX WV. Our approach provides cost-efficient and reliable solutions to our customers’ operations for their produced water needs. The mixed-use water hub increases produced water recycling and reduces fresh-water utilization, while reducing the number of trucks on the road, effectively decreasing emissions.   

Equitrans’ centralized water storage facilities include the Barracuda and Marlin facilities, with storage capacity of 150,000 and 200,000 barrels, respectively. With a close proximity to major highways and the ability to process between 300-400 trucks per facility per day, our storage operations enables trucks to safely and efficiently offload excess produced water.

Current Customers Include:
EQT, Range Resources, CNX, SWN, Gulfport, Ascent, Greylock Production, Northeast Natural Energy, Diversified Production, PPG Operations, Appalachian Water Services, Austin Master Services, LPR Energy, Big Dog Energy, XPR Resources, and EQM Gathering OPCO. 

 Equitrans Midstream Water Services Contacts:

Business and Asset Development 
Matt Ciprich – MCiprich@equitrans.com

Produced Water Logistics & System Optimization
Janet Owens – JOwens@equitrans.com