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Equitrans Midstream Corporation’s Water Services group supports a full cycle of water transportation for natural gas development activities in the Appalachian Basin. Equitrans’ Water Services group owns and operates a unique and robust system that, as of year-end 2019, encompassed 180 miles of pipeline in Pennsylvania and Ohio that deliver freshwater from the Monongahela River, the Ohio River, local reservoirs, and several regional waterways. In 2019, the water system assets included 28 freshwater impoundment facilities.

Assets include water pipelines, impoundment facilities, pumping stations, take point facilities and measurement facilities used to support well completion activities and to collect flowback and produced water for recycling or disposal for third-party upstream operators in Washington and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania; and Belmont County, Ohio.

Expansion :: Water Services
During 2019, Equitrans invested approximately $37 million in the expansion of its freshwater delivery infrastructure, and in 2020, expects to invest approximately $20 million in the expansion of its freshwater delivery infrastructure in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Current customers include:
EQT Corporation, CNX Resources Corporation, Range Resources Corporation, Gulfport Energy Corporation, and XTO Energy Inc.

For any inquiries regarding Equitrans Midstream Water Services, please contact Nathanial Manchin – NManchin@equitransmidstream.com