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Equitrans Midstream Corporation’s Water Services group supports a full cycle of water transportation for natural gas development activities in the Appalachian Basin. Equitrans’ Water Services group owns and operates a unique and robust system that, as of year-end 2022, included approximately 201 miles of pipeline and 21 fresh water impoundment facilities, which are concentrated in southwestern PA and southeastern OH. The water is withdrawn from the Monongahela River, Ohio River, local reservoirs, regional waterways, and municipal sources.

During 2021, the Company began construction of a mixed-use water system in Greene County, Pennsylvania to transport produced recycled water, which, upon completion, is designed to include approximately 70 miles of buried pipeline and two water storage facilities with 350,000 barrels of capacity, as well as two interconnects with the Company’s existing Pennsylvania fresh water systems and provides services to producers in southwestern Pennsylvania. The Company placed portions of the initial mixed-use water system in service in 2022 and expects the remaining portions of the mixed water system to be substantially complete in 2023

Current customers include:
EQT, Range Resources, CNX, SWN, Gulfport, Ascent, Greylock, Appalachian Water Services, and Stone Ridge Energy

For any inquiries regarding Equitrans Midstream Water Services, please contact Matt Ciprich – MCiprich@equitransmidstream.com